Windows 1903 Built-In Apps Experience

Below you can find changes for built-in apps on Windows 1903:

Windows 1903 Built-In Apps – Notepad

Windows 1903 built-in apps include a new option to save files in UTF-8 without a Byte Order Mark, which will be the default for new files. UTF-8 without a Byte Order Mark is backwards-compatible with ASCII and will provide better interoperability with the web where UTF-8 has become the default encoding. Microsoft has also added a column to the status bar that displays the encoding of the document.

If you’re typing a text document with unsaved changes, you’ll notice an asterisk (*) in the title bar.

In addition, you can now send feedback about Notepad from the Help menu and selecting the Send Feedback option. You can also now open and save files with a path that is longer than 260 characters (known as MAX_PATH). There are also new keyboard shortcuts, including:

  • Ctrl + W – closes the current Notepad window
  • Ctrl + Shift + S – opens the Save As dialog
  • Ctrl + Shift + N – opens a new Notepad window

Windows Sandbox

Included in Windows 1903 Built-In Apps, Windows Sandbox is a new feature designed to safely run untrusted applications in an isolated environment without harming your device.

This features uses hardware virtualization and Microsoft Hypervisor technology to create a lightweight environment, which uses around 100MB of space, to install and run an untrusted application. While this is a virtualized environment, you don’t need to create a virtual machine manually.

Sandbox works very efficiently, using integrated kernel scheduler, smart memory management and virtual graphics.

In addition, Sandbox also includes the ability to capture hotkeys in full screen. It also supports configuration files. Using these files allows you to configure some aspects of the experience, including vGPU, networking and shared folders.

In addition, Sandbox incudes both microphone and audio input support. You can use Shift + Alt + PrintScreen keyboard shortcut to activate the ease of access dialog for enabling high contrast mode. You can also use Ctrl + Alt + Break keyboard shortcut in Sandbox to enter and exit full screen mode.

Once you finish using the app, closing the session will delete everything automatically.

The new feature will be available for Windows 10 Pro and Windows 10 Enterprise, and it can be enabled using the Turn Windows Features On or Off experience, and enabling the Windows Sandbox option.

Windows Security

The Windows 10 May 2019 Update ships with several changes for Windows Security, which includes a new “Protection history” experience.

Windows Defender Application Guard

Windows 10 version 1903 also includes an updated version of Windows Security, which introduces new Windows Defender Application Guard options that allows you to manage access to your camera and microphone while browsing using this security feature for Microsoft Edge.

If you’re using a device manage by your company, you can check the settings that have been configured. For this to be turned on in Application Guard for Microsoft Edge, the camera and microphone setting must already be turned on for the device in Settings > Privacy > Microphone & Settings > Privacy > Camera.

Snip & Sketch

In the new experience to take screenshots on Windows 10, you’ll find a few additions, including:

  • Option to add a border to your screenshots.
  • Button in the toolbar so you can print directly from the app.
  • If you have unsaved changes and go to close a window or open a file that will now pop a confirmation.
  • File name now includes a timestamp.
  • You can now save images as jpg and gif.

In addition, Snip & Sketch now has a settings page that replaces the old About page. In this new page, you’ll find the option to add a border, an option for updates made to your snip to copy automatically to your clipboard, and more.

If you use the snipping tool on Windows 10, starting with this preview, you’ll find a new option to take a screenshot of windows.

RAW Image Format Support

Beginning with this new feature update, Windows 10 will now include improved native support of RAW image file formats with a new extension, which will bring new features, such as image thumbnails, previews, and camera metadata of previously unsupported raw files in File Explorer.

In addition, you can also view raw images in full resolution using apps, such as Photos or any other Windows app that uses the Windows Imaging Component framework.

Windows 10 Setup

The next version of Windows 10 will also introduce a new setup interface design using a lighter instead of the dark purple color when running the experience from an ISO file.

If you’re performing a clean installation of Windows 10 Pro, Enterprise, or Education, the Cortana voice-over will be disabled by default.

Also, the installation process will be updated as in old setup didn’t offer easy to understand information when a compatibility issue was detected. In the new experience, if there’s a known compatibility problem with an app or driver, Windows 10 will display a screen with friendly information and the action you need to take to successfully upgrade your device.

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